Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Last week started its self out with a bang and ended it certainly ended its self with a bang. Everything else in the middle was expected and mostly controllable. I am supposed to home right now enjoying my off week in Stockholm. That's not the case however.

Hurricane Irene made some of herself present in upstate New York last Sunday. Basically we had that heavy downpour; the one that only last ten or so minutes and then reduces to a sprinkle. Except this downpour lasted 10 or so hours. You can see how this might be problematic. Aside from the power going out I still had a pretty enjoyable rest day with it.

The aftermath of the damage couldn't hold a candle to how bad Vermont got it, but LP is going to have some single lane roads for a while. The lower half of our roller loop is close to a river. So forget that option because there was two inches of standing mud on it. We tried to move Monday's session to "river road". As the name implies the road had become part of the river. To give you a perspective there was water breaching the top of someone's mailbox. Naturally we still got the workout done on a different road.

The rest of the week was a normal survival mode. I started counting down the days. That heavy lead feeling in my legs made the last few sessions a stretch. On Saturday we did an uphill time trial. I told my coaches that I wasn't going to make any promises given the energy level. Much to my delight I had my best time ever racing up the back side of White Face.

Stopping the watch for the last time that day felt pretty nice. Unfortunately it is not the end the shenanigans. I woke up the next morning to a series of text that was questioning the collisioninsurance of my car. Wynn needed to get to the airport pretty early on the Sunday morning. Since Corrine's car wasn't starting I gladly loaned my precious car out. On the way home Corrine accidentally shut her eyes for one second. Then the airbags woke her up. And that's how you lose a car. Corrine was fine and not even scratched. Obviously it could have been much worse. Thankfully we weren't testing out anyone's life insurance.

I don't have insurance on the car, because it wasn't really worth it considering the age of the poor thing. It doesn't sound like it's worth any amount of repair. I'm going to miss that car. It's been good to me.

That is why I'm not home right now. I'm in Lake Placid, NY wondering what to do about this. I was only going to be home for a week. But it was a week I was looking forward to. I guess these things happen and I'm glad it wasn't any worse. For now I'm just going to enjoy my rest week at the OTC. 

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