Saturday, September 17, 2011

Down for the Count

          Long story short: I was supposed to race the Climb to the Castle in LP today and was unable because of a pesky soar throat and cold. These things happen. Any competitive endurance athlete can tell you holding back when you're sick is always a good decision, but by no mean an easy one to carry through with.
          To go into a little more detail my whole week has been up and down. It started out with that fresh feeling in your legs. I had just finished up a very low/easy week. One that was very necessary. I no longer had that heavy over trained feeling of trying to fight through every minute of training. On Tuseday the US biathletes had the opportunity to train with the US ski team. This only seems to happen once every ten years so it was a nice change of pace. Shooting has made some progress and my time to the first shot is going down and ski technique continues to look a little better every year. That was the up part of the week
         Conversely I learned that the car garage was charging me 40$ a day to hold on to my deceased car. I had no warning of this and the only feasible choice was to give them the car so as to negate the holding fee. Maybe that's how local business works around here? The real highlight to negative side of the week wasn't my car for a change though. Oh no, I woke up in a state of denial Friday morning. I've seldom been sick for the past few years and wasn't about to harm that track record. Well folks, I made it about half way through breakfast before I realized I wasn't going to be training that morning.
          Shortly there after the reality of not racing the Climb to the Castle started to sink in. I was excited about racing in this race ever since I first heard about it a few years ago. I just knew I would be in it someday. 40 minutes of uphill skate rollersking is the race for me. Who would have thought I'd win the "get sick lottery" the day prior.
          It really is a lottery you see. No matter how hard you try you can't escape the occasional cold, soar throat, flew or what not. Good nutrition, warm cloths, and just being relaxed can help, but won't solve the problem. Bottem line: It just happens. Deal with it.
January 07 That coke was about all I could stomach for a week.
          When I say "down for the count" I'm referring to my other teammates who also won the unwanted lottery.  Leif Nordgren came down with a head cold last week and did not race today. The last contact I had with Lowell Baily indicated flew like symptoms. About half of our team didn't participate in the race.  Sorry Tim. Wish I could have been there for you.
            In the long run, it's better to get sick this time of year rather than in February when performance really matters. Chances are I'll be in the area about this same time next year ready to suffer at 8AM.  For now I'm going to keep blowing my nose until this rhino virus has had it's fix. 

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Nick Michaud said...

I was excited to look for your name at the top of the results sheet. I'm sorry about the cold, and glad you made the right choice. As for the car-at least you got in the garage, big guy....hehe.